What is Personal Injury Law?

Feb 5, 2020

You have probably seen advertisements for lawyers in New Orleans who handle personal injuries. These advertisements appear on your phone, television, and even on billboards. Many people, however, are confused about what a “personal injury law” is.

Our legal system divides lawsuits into different categories. For example, contract law relates to disagreements between people who entered into a contract, written or unwritten. Property law deals with disputes between people that relate to real property, such as a dispute over the purchase of a home.

Personal injury law, also known as “tort law,” is yet another category of law in our country. Personal injury law relates to disputes between people after one person allegedly injures another. The term “personal injury” actually refers to someone’s body or mind being injured in some way.

For example, if a person slipped and fell in a grocery store because the store had not promptly cleaned up a spill, that person might suffer from a physical injury, such as a broken arm. However, he or she might also suffer injuries that are more difficult to prove, such as pain and suffering, as well as embarrassment. All of these injuries would qualify as “personal injuries.” In addition, the victim might suffer some form of damage to his or her property, such as broken glasses. This type of property damage can also be recovered a personal injury case.

Examples of personal injury lawsuits

Personal injury lawsuits are grounded in the notion that in our society, each of us has a duty to act responsibly toward one another. Lawyers who handle personal injury claims often advertise in highly public forums to make sure they connect with people who need their services.

Personal injuries may be relatively minor, but they may also involve serious injury or even death. If you believe that you have suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s unreasonable behavior, contact Wright & Gray today at. We are experienced in personal injury lawsuits, and we’ll help you assess the circumstances of your case in a free case evaluation.

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