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If you have incurred brain injuries due to somebody else’s negligence, get in touch with an experienced Baton Rouge brain injury lawyer for help. They can guide you through the process of seeking compensation that is essential for moving on with your life.


Accidents can be devastating and sometimes lead to life-altering injuries. TBIs, or Traumatic Brain Injuries, are a common consequence of accidents. They can have serious long-term health impacts and should be taken seriously. Acquiring legal assistance after an accident is important; not just any law firm will do, though. Those who specialize in handling cases of brain injuries will be the most beneficial for an injured person. An experienced lawyer that comprehends the complexities of such a case can be especially useful.

Automobile accidents often come with legal ramifications, and getting a free initial consultation with a lawyer can be beneficial. However, if you’ve been unlucky enough to experience a traumatic brain injury from the accident, it is important to get the proper help needed for that unique situation. Medical bills and the impact of a Traumatic Brain Injury can be overwhelming; it significantly alters your daily life. When these consequences are added up, they can be devastating. A complete understanding of a Traumatic Brain Injury is essential before deciding to hire a Brain Injury Lawyer. So, let’s explore this issue in more depth and examine the potential long-term effects it can have on your life.

What are Traumatic Brain Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is any injury that impacts how the brain operates. Unfortunately, TBIs are a leading cause of death in the US, resulting from events like direct blows to the head or an object that penetrates the skull. Insurance companies typically cover TBIs with their personal injury protection coverage, but when it comes to car accidents you never know what kind of damage a Traumatic Brain Injury could cause. It’s important to be prepared for the worst.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most severe and widely-encountered accidents one could suffer. The resultant pain can be long-lasting and debilitating, along with the potential loss of motor skills or reflexes. Traumatic brain injuries can have a range of impacts, with short-term and long-term consequences. Symptoms may include feeling dizzy, fainting or loss of consciousness, which can last for a little while until the affected person regains their sense of balance. It may take a while for long-term effects of TBI to show up. In the case of a childhood TBI, it could lead to ongoing developmental problems. When this occurs, you should speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible for the best advice.

Let us take care of the complexities of your brain injury case so you can focus on recuperating and getting back to a normal life.

Is There Such a Thing As a Brain Injury Attorney?

Brain injury cases are not common, therefore there aren’t many lawyers who specialize in this area. Personal Injury attorneys often work on a contingency fee basis and provide free consultation to new clients. AI lawyers can help clients move through the legal system and try to find a settlement that would help them take care of their financial responsibilities. Medical bills and lawyer fees are some of the costs that may be covered by this kind of litigation.

To file an accident claim, you have to figure out who is responsible for the accident. The police report can be a great resource to identify this party. And depending on the situation, there may also be other types of damages that you can get from your claim besides the at-fault party. TBI lawyers are experienced in filing wrongful death lawsuits as much as any other personal injury lawsuit. Their primary objective is to secure rightful compensation for their clients from the liable party for all damages caused.

Legal Considerations

Depending on where you live, your lawyer will need to understand the local laws and regulations in order to process your case. Some states use the comparative fault rule which limits the amount of compensation you can receive from settling an accident claim. Insurance companies have particularly benefited from this rule as it allows them to shy away from paying their own fair share for personal injury claims.

An attorney will seek to establish negligence if they are defending you in a legal matter. This is when someone was obligated to take care of you and, due to their careless actions, fails to do so. Such inaction can lead to injuries for the victim and in this particular case, a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Validating your claims requires a number of sources, including specialist witnesses like medical professionals with experience in similar cases or law enforcement officers taking the necessary reports. Personal injury lawyers strive to be fully informed of all the details of your injuries and how it was caused by someone else’s negligence. They make sure to go beyond the minimum requirements in order to give you the representation you deserve.

Connect with a Baton Rouge Brain Injury Attorney

At Wright & Gray, we are devoted to providing every client with the best possible settlement following a brain injury. We recognize that going through an injury or grieving a loss can be incredibly difficult, so we are here to help you get back onto a positive path. If you’re curious to know how we can help with your case, let’s arrange a free consultation and discuss it further. We can ensure that the resolution is satisfactory for you before signing any agreement.


How Can a Brain Injury Attorney Help?

Our legal team will spare no effort in assessing your case and look out for your best interests in the negotiations. We have a number of seasoned attorneys who are well-versed in dealing with both defendants and their associated insurance companies. The resolution of your case in a favorable outcome depends on various aspects, such as the amount of your bodily injury claims, the hospital charges associated with it and your potential for further suffering due to spinal cord injuries. All these elements must be taken into consideration.

During your initial appointment, the doctor might ask some pertinent questions related to your medical and injury history. This is to ensure they have a complete understanding of your condition before starting treatment. It is important to take into account every type of harm that you have experienced – from your TBI to spinal cord injuries and even minor scratches bruises. We will review these factors and determine if you have a strong enough case to bring this issue before the court.

Your lawyer may draft a demand letter to the insurance company or defendant. It is a necessary step in any personal injury claim to have one of these letters sent. Usually, the defendant or insurer works towards resolving the case outside of court which can be beneficial for both parties. When considering settlement amounts after an accident, many elements must be taken into account in order to determine a suitable amount of compensation that is considered to be fair.

What Kind of Settlement can a Personal Injury Claim Get for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Brain injuries, being so serious in nature, can incur high expenses for treatment, care and recovery. As a result, the overall financial burden can be immense. Once we identify the responsible party for your accident, we can start calculating a reasonable claim amount that would ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve.

Every traumatic brain injury (TBI) is individual, as the severity of its effects depends on which parts of the brain were damaged. Despite this, victims from Baton Rouge and beyond often seek compensation for similar types of damages. Taking into account the advice of your doctor, we have included the following damages in our initial evaluation of your claim:

  • Loss of income
  • Lost future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • The feeling of loneliness and lack of affection can be tough to cope with. Losing companionship and love can be difficult to bear but it is important to focus on what you still have in your life.
  • Hospital bills
  • Home healthcare
  • Medical equipment
  • The prices of prescription medicines can be high, making it difficult for people to afford the treatments they need.
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy are two treatments that can make a big difference in restoring an individual’s mobility, strength and independence. Both therapies are often used together to provide the best outcome.
  • Travel expenses related to medical appointments can sometimes be costly and add up quickly. It’s important to consider these costs when planning for doctor visits.
  • You can make alterations to your house to be able to fit in medical apparatus. These changes will ensure you have all the necessary equipment at your disposal and make living with a disability easier.

In a settlement, the person affected can claim for damages that cover all current impacts. This might include a property damage claim if any items of value got damaged in the accident. Claims adjusters representing the defendant will usually carry out an inspection of both cars and the accident scene. Any suggestions these adjusters make will form the basis of what compensation offer is presented by the defendant. Besides assessing the physical damages to both vehicles, additional calculations are needed to figure out the amount that exceeds the defendant’s insurance coverage. It is also possible that psychological damages may be taken into account.

In case of a settlement agreement outside the court, insurers of the defendant will usually attempt to minimize the amount to be paid out. Low balling the injured party is one of their tactics. Offering a settlement that is lower than what is deserved can strip an injured party of any future claim for damages. It also effectively means the end of an accident insurance claim. This kind of practice thus safeguards defendants and insurers from possible lawsuits in the foreseeable future. Your personal injury attorneys are aware of this kind of tactic and will caution you against accepting their proposal. If the discussions between lawyers and insurers does not come to a mutual agreement, then your case will be taken to court. Insurers usually try to avoid trial, but sometimes they are confident that they will be victorious in court and decide to accept the dispute.

Through trial settlements, the court oversees the process of remediation. The judge will review both sides of the argument and issue a verdict based on the facts presented. The court will consider various elements including the police report, expert witness testimony and medical documents related to your head injury when finalizing their ruling. Multiple factors will be taken into account while determining the settlement amount given by the judge. Injuries can have a serious financial impact, both emotionally and physically. In some cases, the court will award damages to compensate for losses, including lost enjoyment of life or income due to injury.

When deciding an appropriate settlement, factors such as medical bills and potential long-term costs for chronic illnesses should be taken into consideration. It is important to make sure everyone involved is getting a fair outcome. Alongside medical expenses, any incidental costs such as travel and car repairs may have to be reimbursed by the responsible party in an accident case. Also, if property damage was incurred as part of the incident then it must be taken into account when determining the amount of financial compensation to be awarded. To deter similar negligence in the future, a judge can decide to impose punitive damages onto the responsible party. These sorts of damages are designed to set an example for those who caused harm through their carelessness. Money received from an accident settlement can help a lot with the immediate and long-term medical costs, as well as other necessary expenses related to an accident.

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding a lawyer for your particular injury can have a big impact on the case. If you need to receive compensation for a brain injury, consider looking at Wright & Gray. Their years of experience prove that they’re the best option for TBI cases and often recommend settlement. Get in touch with us today to discuss your compensation case. We’ll do our best to make sure you get the compensation in your case that rightfully deserves.

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