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An attorney will help you understand your options, why you were denied and what can be done to get back to work after the injuries have taken their toll.


When you're trying to get your Social Security Disability claim investigated, Wright and Gray can help you. Even if they've already denied your case, they'll do everything possible to gain the benefits that you deserve.

Due to the large amount of people constantly in Baton Rouge and the many hardships & disabilities, certain people are unable to work. This may be you, and you may feel that way as well.

SSD is an insurance policy that can provide a special type of income for people with disabilities. Certain employers often post relevant information about benefits, so you might still be in the dark when it comes to your options. But luckily, you have SSD here to help with any questions you might have. That’s where we come in.

When someone becomes seriously ill or sustains an injury, it can be difficult for them to enjoy their day-to-day tasks like work and family activities. Recovery time is also a time when the individual doesn’t feel at their best and may not have enough income. Luckily, there are ways you can still make sure they're getting the care they need without worry. The government has put various safety nets in place for times like these. One of them is Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, which offer a source of income for those who are unable to work as compared to going on welfare or living off savings.

Some people may find the application process for financial aid stressful, but it is usually not as difficult as some think.In cases that they deny themselves, anxiety can be harmful and negative.

When you are recovering from an illness or injury, it is important to focus on yourself and your health. All you need to do while out of work is submit a claim for disability benefits through your Social Security application. When necessary, you should hire a lawyer to help take care of the process

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Common Reasons Why Social Security Disability Insurance is Denied

SSA handles a lot of applications - over 60% of them are rejected because they're not eligible or the payments would be too low.

  1. Minimal Medical Evidence –SSD stands for "Seasonal Spending Debt," and it's a benefit that you can use each time the winter season sets in. It's meant to take care of your belongings when you might lose your home, car, or are otherwise unable to handle those expenses that are more common during the winter months. Recuperating from surgery is a slow process and the best evidence to present for your disability application are medical records to show that you are indeed stuck inside the hospital. It means that your condition probably isn’t severe enough to warrant mechanical assistance. If anything, you should seek medical advice from a doctor. Getting the best care possible is important, but it can also be expensive. Many people cut down or avoid a hospital stay in order to save money. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but many of these people find they cannot claim their Social Security Disability benefits because they did not secure proper medical attention.
  2. Refusal or Failure to Follow Medical Advice – People sometimes feel the need to cut short hospital stays because there are so many costs associated with it. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) interprets this as refusing professional advised and grounds for disability denial. Aside from the significant time and effort that both human and AI writers save, not showing up to physical therapy sessions, not taking prescribed medication or attending future doctor visits can negatively impact your health. It is important to keep a lab schedule and schedule physical therapy appointments in order to maintain good health.
  3. Substantial Gainful Activity – Your SSD benefits will help you once you return to work. They will be less likely to take away your eligibility for benefits if your hours are limited. Your tasks may also not fully transition back at first as your disability will also still require some support during this time. However, once you reach a point where you are earning around $1,310 per month, the SSA considers this as substantial gainful activity. That means that person is already in full or part-time employment and that they should be making less than $1,000 per month to receive SSDI benefits. It's all good now! You just need to remember to file your paperwork and start making the right decisions in terms of how you're going to survive without any social security benefits.
  4. Your Condition Isn’t Severe Enough To Warrant SSD – Self-Disability (SSD) is a social insurance coverage designed primarily to provide income replacement and disability benefits to people who are temporarily unable to work due to injuries, maternity or family care leave, accidents, or illnesses likely resulting in up to six months of incapacity. You've been waiting to hear on your disability case. Unfortunately, the SSA told you they don't think you can handle working until your shin is better, which means they are stopping your case so that you can focus on recovery.
  5. Doesn’t Cooperate With The SSA  – If you are eligible for SSD benefits, the SSA will be able to provide a decision by looking at your medical evidence.They may ask you for more evidence or lab work during the process. You have been diagnosed with a sickness and while you should follow the instructions of the SSA, failure to do so will result in you not being approved for benefits.

In situations like this, it’s a good idea to hire legal representation to ensure you have all of the necessary documents. They can help you submit them and determine what evidence is needed while they prevent you from making any mistakes. Incorporating legal help by using a lawyer can allow you to focus on recovering while someone else takes care of the legal work.

What Should You Do if Your Application Was Denied?

You recently discovered that your Social Security application was denied and now you're anxious about what went wrong. You may get vague feedback from the SSA on what went wrong only to try again, going through the process of requesting a determination. There are a few reasons why the SSA will refuse your application (e.g. you've failed to file for at least three consecutive months), but above all else, it's important to make sure that you have enough income coming in every month so that applying is worth your time, effort and money. Appeal denial but make sure you provide all necessary information to do so. The appeals council will reject your appeal repeatedly if you don't take the proper steps

Review the Council’s Decision

It looks like your application was denied because the judges believe you did not provide enough evidence to deem your disability as being a long-term condition. Keep in mind, it's possible they changed their decision and they just forgot to update the file. If you haven't been cooperative enough with the company, they won't usually agree to a document request unless you have additional medical evidence of your own. At this point, it's a good idea to contact them for anything you might have missed or forgotten.

Take legal counsel to assess the situation for you.

Double-Check Your Eligibility

Individuals with disabilities might not be aware of the legal requirements for them to be eligible for SSDI. This can cause them to apply for it when they get incapacitated. The ideal time to come up with evidence is between 12 months and a year, except for blind people. You won't be approved for SSDI if your disability only requires medical treatment of three months. However, many financial programs offer disability benefits, and your lawyer may be able to help you figure out an alternative.

Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Repeatedly running into roadblocks with an application might indicate that you need the help of a professional when all else has failed. Lawyers will usually go through your application in depth to make sure it meets all the requirements for success. Individuals with disabilities are able to send in a request for reconsideration when their initial claim denial is too harsh. This can make it difficult for you if you just try to request reconsideration after the fact, so be sure make sure everything is in order before sending your application again.

Other Alternatives to Social Security Disability Insurance

If you're not eligible for SSDI, there are other options for assistance. Your lawyer can explain which ones are available, and help you figure out where you stand. They might also offer guidance about the best way to proceed following an accident or illness.

  • SSI Benefits – There is much to be said about the benefits of SSI variants in comparison to the more widely known and previous job-related programs such as SSDI. When you send in your qualification for a particular program, it applies to all other programs. So if you find out that you will not qualify for due credit insufficiency or income limits with another program, then it is worth considering trying out an SSI instead.
  • DAC – A parent Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) is a financial benefit available to children under the age of 18 who have a disability before reaching their 22nd birthday. The disabled children must have been the offspring of an insured Social Security beneficiary who became disabled at any time before becoming age 62 and whose disability remains for at least 12 months after the child turns 22.
  • DWB – Disabled widowers/widows receive a lot of perks and benefits, including being able to go on disability earlier than expected. They are also able to receive spouse survivor's benefits sooner than those who don't have a disability.

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Should You Hire a Disability Lawyer?

If a lawyer is hired after an application has been denied, then it is much harder for them to reverse the decision. However, professionals working with disability law know that if they had been hired in the beginning instead of bringing in an outside attorney, their likelihood of getting accepted would have increased greatly. An experienced disability attorney is not only there to overturn a decision that has already been made. They can handle all the necessary legal process so you are eligible and your disability claims are accepted the first time around.

You’re down on your luck, with a condition that makes it difficult to hold a job. An unfair tax evasion makes it even more difficult for you. At Wright & Gray, our team of disability lawyers are working tirelessly to ensure that your benefits application is handled properly. We help cover healthcare costs from multiple sources so they can focus on their recovery. A wide range of insurance plans are accessible to make sure those in need get the financial support they need.

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