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Dog bites can cause serious injuries, both physically and monetarily. If you or someone you care about were bitten, contact an attorney before the case goes to court to get the fair compensation your injury deserves.


Dog Bite Injury Claims

If a dog bite leaves you injured, either physically or emotionally, you should immediately see a doctor to see if the injury requires special attention. A lot of individuals don’t know their legal options following a traumatic incident and they could end up settling with no compensation as a result. You might have some personal injury claims for medical expenses if you can prove that the owner or their insurance company were at fault. For example, your dog was off its leash and bit you as a result. If you’ve been involved in a dog bite incident and would like legal assistance, you can contact the law firm of McDaniel, Strickland and Lothaire. With instant access to our database of information, we give you the details that you need related to negligence in this situation. We can help you gather the evidence that will prove your case in court.

Personal Injury Attorneys may request various types of information to help them build a case. A medical history and a promising-future outlook is one example.

This is why Wright & Gray Group is ready to help you. Our lawyers are committed to aggressively fighting on your behalf and getting you the justice you deserve. With our years of experience, we’re determined to help lead you successfully through the process.

Determining Liability

Personal injury law can be divided into two main parts negligence and tort law. Negligence involves legal cases where someone is not breaking the law and typically leads to a civil lawsuit for damages, whereas tort laws involve legal cases where someone might actually be breaking the law. If there was an accident, this would determine whether there were two people or organizations that would have to be held accountable. After you’re hurt in an accident, a good lawyer will help you figure out what legal steps you can take as a result.

It is important to know your legal rights and obligations in any injury claim. There are both civil and criminal liability duties that depend on the result of the case. With a lawsuit for liability for being bitten by a dog, you’ll need to meet all of these conditions: the host’s duty to care for their animal, the “tortious conduct” of plaintiff, and how many people have been injured. To prove negligence, therefore, it is necessary to show that the person has been reckless in her/his actions or behavior.

  • Every owner must understand their personal responsibility to maintain control of their pet and as a result, they are held accountable for the dog’s behavior.
  • The owner forgot to take care of their property.
  • An injury led to this lapse or incidents associated with it.

Depending on the location, judges and juries may look at other incidents in the past to see whether there was something the owner could have done to prevent it. If they had seen this type of an encounter coming, they should have taken better care of themselves.

What Constitutes Reasonable Care?

Owners of dogs care extensively for their animals and are careful in how they take care of them. There are many ways to show that the owner has taken good care of the dog, like keeping them contained during movement or cleaning up any sign of excrement on the ground.

  • Signs, Chains, and Fences: You would want to put a sign on the door that reads: “Beware of Dog” in case the owner has done something out of place or neglected their duty of care. With this sign, there would be little question that you’ve made those around you aware of the risks an animal like this poses.
  • The Dog’s History: If your dog has done well while walking before, then it is likely you will be viewed more favorably by the court. If a member of your family has a history of doing poorly in public, then it isn’t wise to base their likelihood of being found liable on that precedent.
  • The Dog’s Breed: A common court case can suggest what is reasonable, and certain breeds are often associated with certain outcomes.
  • Owner’s Violation: Ignoring a bite is not advisable. Dogs sometimes have reactions that are in the owner’s best interest and could be responsible for an injury to someone else.

Strict Liability Statute

If your dog has been bitten by a negligent party, you might not necessarily have to sue the responsible parties, but you could bring a case against negligent parties for any unprovoked dog bite injuries. Louisiana has a strict liability dog bite law which means that property owners are not liable for damages if their dogs bite someone. However, the claimant will still meet the burden of proof to win a settlement by proving negligence on behalf of its owner. It is worth mentioning that this law does not apply in situations where somebody’s dog has been provoked. The owner is not liable for damages because at that point, the agreement between the business owner and customer is terminated.

Dog Bite Injuries

If you’ve been bitten by a wild animal and the severity of your injuries require medical attention, it’s important to be aware of two options: either being rushed to the emergency room or going home and tending wounds at home. Dog bites can be serious. If a dog bites you, contact your doctor and the animal shelter the next day. Make sure to wash in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to thoroughly clean the wound This is why you should always be careful when playing with your dog with whom you share a life. Different parts of the body can react in different ways and most common reactions include benign irritations or potentially life-threatening ones. Bite to the face, hands, and feet may be more serious. Contact an expert right away for treatment

When seeking legal protection, one factor to consider is the severity of the injury. A lawyer who specializes in personal injury lawsuits can help with this and direct you to a compensation amount that will work for your situation. You’ll need to keep track of the damages, ideally including receipts and medical bills, and any settlement you receive. It’ll help in the process to have documentation from your doctor and police report on hand. If you suffer injuries due to an accident that cost you time, money, or assets while on your work related job, your company may be required to provide some form of financial compensation. Do not hesitate to contact a company lawyer for further clarification. If the incident goes to court and the owner is found responsible, punitive damages may be awarded. The intention is to make an example of that company so they know they can’t get away with this in future. This opts to compensate those who have been wrongfully harmed by the negligence or facilitation of unauthorized products.

Even if the emotional impact of a traumatic event is visible, it can be difficult to track other symptoms. Some possible effects are difficulty sleeping and nightmares caused by emotional distress. A lot of people suffer from dog bites every year and sometimes it results in PTSD feelings of fear. Life isn’t always easy, but these things need to be dealt with in order to keep on living. Although it might not be possible to completely prevent bite injuries, there are many ways to limit their effects long-term. They often cause a lot of physical and emotional pain in someone who’s been injured–which can change their entire life path.

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Getting a Lawyer Is Not the Same as Taking Someone to Court

If something terrible has happened and you’re not to blame, it’s important to get a lawyer. If you’re looking for personal injury law firms, you should make sure to ask questions about their court handling abilities. A skilled lawyer knows the best way to interact with their client during negotiation. They know how to focus on options that will relieve the process of uncertainty. In this example, negotiation is going with one’s insurance company until an agreement can be reached. There are times where the other party is partially to blame. In cases like these, your attorney needs to show them so they can bring justice while also leaving no stone un-turned. This could include things like witness statements from those who were present when the attack happened or expert witnesses that would serve as testimony.It is important to hold courts accountable for their negligent decisions and other parties accountable for their irresponsible behavior. Simply put, it’s the moral thing to do.

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